Bob and I worked very closely together on a variety of real estate analysis and acquisition projects, real estate development projects and real estate disposal projects….. Bob proved to be an excellent negotiator and very creative in his effort to create win-win structures thus allowing deals to come to closing. Further Bob handled many day to day management responsibilities with the office properties, in addition to working closely as part of the team doing detailed development plans for a new office building. He performed those duties admirably



My primary business activities …… have focuses on developing commercial real estate projects and related investment opportunities. Mr. Roseman has been instrumental, as my attorney, in virtually all of these activities and has been prominent in bringing all of these projects to a very positive conclusion for me and my various partners. Mr. Roseman’s responsibilities relating to my projects included expertly crafting documents for the purchase and/or sale of my commercial real estate properties, including authoring many complicated ground and tenant leases…….. Not only did I, as the client, respect him for his unwavering honesty and integrity, but these fine traits were also appreciated by the other parties in our many transactions.



I have known Bob Roseman and have used his … legal services for over 20 years. We have had the occasion to use Bob for contracts, negotiations, entity formation, real estate closings …. [and] deal structuring. Bob has worked nights and weekends ……. to help us to achieve timely deadlines which allowed us to close complicated business transactions. Bob has always been fully honest and delivered what he promised along with his broad understanding of the complex legal issues. [In a] sensitive Bankruptcy situation to acquire assets through Debtor in Possession financing, the multiple stakeholders and fragility of the transaction were handled by Bob as our lead lawyer and we ultimately acquired the assets and several new entities to a successful conclusion. I have witnessed Bob shepherd extremely complex transactions entwined throughout several jurisdictions and multiple agencies to satisfactory conclusion…. Bob has been instrumental in structuring creative solutions to achieve an end that is palatable enough to all to get the signature page completed. M. W. Client



Based upon my esteem for his [pro bono] work, I asked Mr. Roseman to become the attorney for my company as well as for me personally. He has provided outstanding counsel over 15 years, actively protecting my interests and proactively demonstrating his knowledge of corporate and real estate law….. I can always count on him for candor, integrity, thoroughness, and a level of legal work [necessary] to [complete] the task at hand.



Bob began working with the [Company] in 1985. At the time, he conceived, negotiated and implemented a complex transaction requiring valuation and incorporation of air rights in addition to the assemblage of five lots which allowed the construction of our project in Washington, D.C. He subsequently became a reliable contributor to the success of the company, assisting in the placement of over $100 million in equity investments. I continue to work with Bob in negotiations involving property acquisitions from the District of Columbia government as well as from corporations. I believe the reason for his success is based on his instinctive ability to grasp complex issues and offer straight-forward, practical solutions. Above all, he inspires complete confidence with the people with whom he negotiates, conveying the assurance that his proposals are based on fairness and equitable solutions.



I have known Mr. Roseman for approximately 5 years and worked with him across the table on various transactions. Mr. Roseman is a well-regarded attorney and individual with the highest degree of integrity and ethics. An excellent attorney, Mr. Roseman serves his clients and the community with passion and devotion, and deals with those around him with the utmost respect. He has the ability to think analytically and solve complex problems and possesses strong interpersonal skills and exceptional communication skills.



That the organization has prospered in spite of many obstacles from financial visibility to personnel changes is due in no small measure to Bob’s hard work and his brilliance in developing creative solutions …. I always appreciated the skill with which he led the Board ….. his skill at achieving desirable outcomes that everyone could buy into and support has always been amazing.



have known Bob for more than 18 years ….I have found him to be diligent hardworking, trustworthy and highly skilled at his endeavors.



I have known Robert Roseman for almost thirty years….. Throughout the years, I witnessed the involvement and commitment Mr. Roseman displayed to his family, as a soccer coach, in addition to volunteering his time and expertise in the …. Community. …. I valued his legal expertise, leadership, integrity and community mindedness… He was invaluable to the organization. He dealt with legal problems [and] represented the organization in dealings with the City …. Mr. Roseman negotiated internal problems and demonstrated strong leadership.



Robert Roseman and I met almost 15 years ago while serving on the Board ….. we had an opportunity to work on a very complex and substantial transaction ….. The project was a major undertaking for a volunteer non-profit organization and Bob was instrumental in guiding the organization throughout the process…… During this project, Bob consistently demonstrated the professional competence to guide the Board.



I have known Mr. Roseman for more than 20 years. Mr. Roseman’s legal acumen and negotiation skills were evident in a series of transactions critical to the viability [of our organization]…. Mr. Roseman’s outstanding organizational and people skills, as well as his commitment and dedication……. were a major factor in enabling the Board to meet its goals and objectives during the many years …. under his leadership.



Mr. Roseman has been very proactive in the organization furnishing pro bono legal advice to the corporation and our members on various legal matters including incorporation, application for 501c3 status, and our compliance with Federal, State and governing body laws, rules and regulations. His dealings with me have been above reproach and honest. Bob does not cut corners.



I have known Bob since … 1974. Bob is a very skillful business attorney, with substantial experience in corporate, tax, real estate, financing and related substantive fields…. He provides excellent client service. He has superb leadership skills and instincts. His business and management acumen is very strong. He frequently mentored associate attorneys….



Mr. Roseman is an outstanding leader and motivator, whose honesty, integrity, and professional ethics inspire confidence in his clients, colleagues, and community.



Bob is held in high professional regard by my colleagues and I personally experienced the way in which Bob handled his civic and community activities that benefited my family and our community.